Eileen & Wade

Firehouse 8 Wedding Video - San Francisco, CA

So, Wade gave all his groomsmen old school gameboys. He pretty much won the game with that great move right there - it was just one of the many sweet things Wade did that day. He and Eileen radiate words like that: Sweet, Genuine, Loving, and Open. And it makes sense because their parents are the same way. Wade's Dad included a touching tribute to his new in-laws in his speech: "And I'm so glad to have you guys as my family - I love you guys so very much." ...And we're so glad we got to witness so many beautiful and sincere people! What a great day :)

Thanks Eileen and Wade!


Song: "Home" by Phillip Phillips (songfreedom.com)

Vendors: St. Ignatius Catholic Church - The Axiom Hotel